About us

Action Station

Action Station South Tyneside was founded in 1998 by the local residents, community groups and churches to support the most disadvantaged residents of South Tyneside. We primarily help individuals to address their social isolation and improve their quality of life. Our mission is:
To provide a place where individuals and groups can access services and opportunities which will enhance their life chances and wellbeing. In turn, this will lead to a general uplift in the quality of life in our community.
We are a busy, people-led and well-established facility with on average 100 people per day accessing our services. Services and facilities include:
•    A wide range of activities to promote inclusion, health and wellbeing
•    A programme of employability support and personal development activities
•    A diverse range of volunteering opportunities and work placements
•    A learning environment with training rooms and an IT suite
•    Community café and catering kitchen
•    Space for community groups
•    Office accommodation which we rent out to aligned partner organisations.

Our team

Stephen Clark

Chief Executive


Kym Lockney

Community Development & Volunteer Coordinator

Bev Malcolm

Facilities Operative

Laura Johnson

Career Coach

Melanie Iqbal

IT Tutor

Martin Simpson

IT Tutor