Experience Boost

Interested in meeting new people, learning new skills, or building on ones you already have? Why not volunteer with us? 
We offer tailored training for adults, preparing them for successful volunteering and gaining work experience. Collaborating with esteemed partners connects volunteers with organizations in South Tyneside.

How it works:

  • Providing essential skills, awareness, and knowledge.
  • Elevating volunteer skills to set high standards.
  • Developing existing skills and gain new ones for life and work.
  • Enhancing your CV.
  • Boosting community involvement.
  • Building a network within the community.

Job Club

Our Job Club is dedicated to supporting you throughout your job search journey. We assist in uncovering job opportunities by helping you find hidden jobs, use online platforms effectively, and connect with potential employers. Additionally, we guide you in creating a standout resume, cover letters, and preparing for interviews with confidence. Moreover, we offer exciting volunteering opportunities within our Job Club, providing a chance for you to contribute and enhance your skills.

How it works:

  • Smart Job Hunting
  • Skill-Boosting Courses
  • Resume and Cover Letter Help
  • Smooth Application Process
  • Interview Ready

SkillCraft Hub

Engage in our creative initiative by joining our craft groups at the charity. These groups are designed to empower individuals, fostering a sense of confidence, improving mental well-being, and equipping participants with valuable skills. Being part of these groups not only provides the benefits of social connection and enhanced communication skills but also contributes to the overall goal of securing employment.

Explore the advantages of involvement:

  • Facilitating Socialization
  • Building Confidence
  • Enhancing Mental Well-being
  • Acquiring New Skills
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Paving the Way to Employment



We are looking for friendly individuals with great communication skills to be the first point of contact for those using our centre.


  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Answering the phone, transferring calls, taking messages and maintaining logs
  • Basic computing tasks such as photocopying, scanning and data entry
  • Keeping the reception area tidy and well presented


Gardening & Maintenance

We are seeking people who love being outdoors and have an interest in environmental activities. This role can be physically demanding depending on the task.


  • Helping to maintain the outdoor areas, e.g. sweeping up, tending, weeding, planting and litter picking
  • Ensuring that equipment is safely used, collected, cleaned and tidied away
  • Experience in gardening or using equipment is desirable

Digital Champion

We need volunteers with excellent digital skills, who are good at explaining and are passionate about helping people make the most out of computing.


  • Multi-tasking to support the IT tutors and small groups in a classroom environment
  • Helping clients with basic computing and a range of digital skills including communication, shopping, managing health, accessing services and staying safe online


Library Assistant

We are looking for someone who has great communication skills, able to engage a range of groups and individuals under limited supervision.


  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Receiving incoming and outgoing books and organising shelves
  • Helping visitors with basic computing tasks such as checking their e-mail, printing and transferring files
  • Attending library meetings and events where required

Quotes From Some Volunteers

Mrs X

I came to Action Station via the job. centre, after suffering with depression and anxiety. From the moment I walked through the door, I was made to feel welcome, during my time here I have been encouraged by staff and other volunteers to participate in some of the many courses on offer, which I did!! (A huge step for me) By doing this it has boosted my confidence and self esteem immensely, I have learned a lot of new skills and made lots of friends. Apart from the advantages for myself personally, I feel I am doing good for others and the community.


Mr X

I started volunteering at Action Station library a year and half ago. Since then, I have been part of the Volunteer Development Program and as a 20yr old this training program has helped me with my personal and career development. Action station staff and employment team encouraged me to look at a scholarship that might be good for me, so they helped me as much as they could, like providing me with references. Even though at that time it seemed impossible as I am an asylum seeker. But here I am now, a Newcastle University student with full scholarship in micro mechanics. I enjoyed every minute volunteering and the training, thank you so much for everything.


Mr X

I was made redundance from a gardening project at the age of 60. I came to Action Station library to do a Job search. A member of staff asked if I would like to volunteer in the library? Feeling a bit unsure and lacking in confidence as if I hadn’t done anything like that before. However, the staff were wonderful and very supportive with me. I have attended several training programmes which have totally enlightened me to the skills I have. I am now a team leader in the Gardening Project and enjoying sharing my skills with others of similar interest. I’m not sure if I will get another paid job before retirement age, but the volunteering has definitely helped me with my mental health, build my confidence and I enjoy socialising with others.

Mrs X

I came here from the Job Centre to up skills and get some training. Since then, I have been diagnosed with a number of health conditions which hinders me to get paid work. Volunteering here has helped me to overcome quite a lot of my problems I had with mental health. I enjoy working on reception as I can work at a slower pace and the staff are really supportive. The training I have received is great especially the IT as I now can input data on the computer. I also enjoyed the 1st Aid and fire awareness training as it has made me more aware.”